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Aaron Mahlon Thomas - Photographer by Nini Sterling

Aaron Thomas is a photographer with a beautifully unique lens on the human experience. His life has traveled through many different winding passages before dropping him off at his current destination of photography. He joined the US Navy and traveled to 33 countries while practicing communications and electrical engineer work aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, served 4 years as a Navy reservist, and ran his own IT company for 30 years. He is father to four beautiful daughters and husband to a supportive wife of 20 years.

He is a man who immerses himself in his trade, taking precious care to appreciate the finer details in the images he captures. “My goal is to use my camera like a painter uses his brush, or a sculptor his chisel: only as a tool to be used to complete an evolution of development of my vision through meticulous processing.” Photography is like the poetry that Thomas loves, with favorite subjects such as humanity, positive motivation, and self-improvement. These are the same subjects that go into consideration for his photographic compositions.

Thomas uses photography as a visual expression to artistically connect to the subject in front of him, and in seeing the hidden qualities in the art, uncovers a deeper view into himself. One such hidden quality appeared in a piece of art that won best in show at Richland College’s 32nd Fall Student Photography Exhibition Contest in 2011. Originally, Thomas had put aside the photo, not intending to enter it in the contest, but he had a change of heart at the last moment. At this moment, Thomas began to explore and glimpse the abstract fragments of wondrous images around him, hidden like diamonds in coal waiting to be polished. In 2012, Thomas went on to receive an Honorable Mention for best of photography in Serbin Communications, the annual publication photographer’s forum.

His photos do more than imitate the same tired images that exist in the world of photography; each photograph has a life of its own. With personality, character and spirit, the soul of the scene emits a silent voice that calls Thomas to its hidden existence. As such, Thomas says wholeheartedly, “I don’t take a photograph, a photograph takes me.” Moments in life are fleeting, they only happen once, but photography, if given the chance, can bottle moments and the beauty that each complex detail contains. As Thomas captures the soul of his photographs, the complexities of the human experience, and the nature of light itself, he creates a true gift for the viewer. An image that remains magnificent, entrancing and memorable: an image to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

The art of Photography, my visual articulation of life, philosophy and being.

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