Artist Statement

Through the eyes of my heart

A sensitive eye, and a personal intimate relationship to the subject of my inspiration is the signature of my work.

For me, photography represents an outlet of visual expression that allows me to connect artistically to a visually inspiring subject. My goal is to use my camera like a painter uses a brush or a sculptor, a chisel: as a tool to develop my vision through meticulous processing. The final image will be something magnificent for me to enjoy for a lifetime. I search for hidden quality and character in almost everything I observe to grasp a better understanding of reality. Strangely, this process allows me a deeper look into myself, and how I fit into the grand scheme of this universe. I explore both micro- and macrocosms through photography.

These experiences provide me glimpses of abstract fragments of wondrous objects or scenes, hidden from me like diamonds in coal waiting to be polished.

I give thorough attention to the fundamental, technical aspects of images in order to present them in ways that convey my own pleasure of capturing the images. In contrast, my creative authenticity process deals directly with creating an image uniquely rather than as a derivative. I approach each photograph by reviewing the fundamentals of “seeing photographically,” always seeking to enhance the sophistication of my vision. Next, I review my creative process, both in capturing an image and in post-processing. Lastly, I study and practice ways to free myself from the concepts and styles of other photographers.

When I empty myself of impediments and see the world as if it were for the first time, I work toward my goal of escaping entrenched rules of composition, technical problems, and unproductive behaviors. I am committed to excellence. I surround myself with a supportive community, which improves my confidence in achieving my personal and professional photographic goals. My ultimate goal is to give each photograph its own life—with personality, character, soul, and spirit.

Each piece is purposely and obviously vulnerable to interpretations, just as we as living entities, are vulnerable to prejudice. I hope that the signature of my work is a sensitive eye, one that offers a personal, visually intimate relationship to each subject.

Visually speaking

I remain

Aaron Mahlon

The art of Photography, my visual articulation of life, philosophy and being.

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